CoPlus A Return to Community-Driven Business

Businesses are communities. It’s how they started. CoPlus is a community builder that builds and sustains strong communities to helps everyone. We want to create a supportive and friendly business network around where you work, live and play. We believe that collectively, you can make a lasting difference and get rewarded at the same time.

Wondering how much you’ve rewarded?

No person is an island, and no business exists in isolation

Even if your business is a purely virtual enterprise that operates solely on the Internet, it is still part of a community. You have an office or a storefront in a particular place, you buy your electricity and your water and your utilities from a particular company or government, you live and work in a particular town or city. We are all part of communities larger than ourselves, and being involved with that community is important.
Adopt the philosophy that a business is a community, and it will impact every decision you make from this day forward.

Give a Voice to Your Community

You have big ideas. And whether you’re just starting your business, or you’ve been in operation for decades, finding new ways to innovate and grow your brand can be challenging. But there’s one way to reach more people that suits savvy professionals perfectly: building a community to give your business a voice.

At CoPlus, we can help you communicate your message, knowledge and experience in a new way. Give your audience what they want – your expertise – in a format they can take home, study and share with others.

When single businesses pool their strengths and efforts together, great things can happen!

Everyone loves to be rewarded. We are the true loyalty program by the community, for the community. We started with the passion to create a supportive and friendly business network where the community grows and benefits together. Today, we want to extend this loyalty program to local dining and shopping outlets to keep the community unique, inclusive and enduring.